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The southern German death metal brigade Necrotted convinces with a brutal mixture: Sweeping guitar riffs and dashing blast beats come upon stomping slam parts and catchy refrains, which are presented by deep, guttural vocals. Over the years, the six guys have amassed a significant loyal fan base, which loves the band’s hard-hitting brand of massively heavy and ferocious death metal.

The band originates from Abtsgmünd in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It was founded by former bassist Fabian Fink and ex-guitarist Tobias Sturm in early 2008. After the first line-up was finally completed with Michael Heim (Vocals), Markus Braun (Drums) and Fabian’s younger brother Philipp (Guitar), the band soon started to create their individual sound and played as many live shows as possible.
In spring 2010, Necrotted recorded their debut EP ‘Kingdom Of Hades’ with producer Roger Grüninger at Studio 141 in Schwäbisch Hall, Germany. Their first audible vital sign was released in April 2010 and was highly appreciated by diverse music magazines. In the following months, the quintet performed throughout Germany and Austria and shared the stage with scene-heroes like Vader, Krisiun, God Dethroned, Debauchery, Hackneyed, Benighted and many more.
In 2011, Necrotted decided to record their first full-length album, titled ‘Anchors Apart’. The recordings began in fall 2011 with producer Nikita Kamprad in Würzburg, Germany. ‘Anchors Apart’ was released in June 2012 through Supreme Chaos Records. The band signed to the label earlier 2012. By this time, Necrotted played shows with popular bands such as Heaven Shall Burn, Neaera, Unearth, The Sorrow, Obituary or Psycroptic.
In early 2013, Michael Heim and Tobias Sturm left the band due to personal reasons. Thereupon, Fabian Fink took the vocal part. Moreover, Johannes Wolf (Guitar), Koray Saglam (Bass) and Pavlos Chatzistavridis (Vocals) joined the band. In this formation, Necrotted played several live shows in 2013 and shared the stage with bands like Caliban or We Butter The Bread With Butter. In December 2013, the band entered the Tonstudio Würzburg to record their second LP ‘Utopia 2.0’. Once again, Nikita Kamprad could be hired as producer. The album was released through Supreme Chaos Records in October 2014. To promote their new songs, Necrotted played some notable festivals and support shows for international acts like Hatebreed, Napalm Death, Kataklysm or The Dillinger Escape Plan. In 2015, the band accompanied their friends in Hackneyed on their album release tour and played at the Summer Breeze Open Air for the first time.
After multiple shows in Middle Europe in 2015 and 2016, Necrotted started the song-writing for their third full-length album in spring 2016 and hit the studio later that year. Produced by Nikita Kamprad in Würzburg, the newest LP ‘Worldwide Warfare’ will be released in October 2017 through the new label Rising Nemesis Records.


Necrotted - Worldwide Warfare - CD Cover
Worldwide Warfare Rising Nemesis Records (2017) Produced & mixed by Nikita Kamprad Mastered by Benjamin Stelzer All music & lyrics written by NECROTTED Artwork by Samuel Stelzer
Necrotted - Utopia 2.0 - CD Cover
Utopia 2.0 Supreme Chaos Records (2014) Produced, mixed & mastered by Nikita Kamprad All music & lyrics written by NECROTTED Artwork by Samuel Stelzer
Necrotted - Anchors Apart - CD Cover
Anchors Apart Supreme Chaos Records (2012) Produced, mixed & mastered by Nikita Kamprad All music & lyrics written by NECROTTED Artwork by Samuel Stelzer
Necrotted - Kingdom of Hades - CD Cover
Kingdom of Hades Self-released (2010) Produced & mixed by Roger Grüninger Mastered by Achim Köhler All music & lyrics written by NECROTTED